Cyrus Shaoul PhD


Fusing cognitive science and AI.

After studying psycholinguistics under Steven Pinker at MIT, I went off to Japan, and along with Joichi Ito and Kaoru Hayashi, cofounded one of the first Internet software companies there. I then decided to go back to school, and ended up doing reseach at the University of Alberta in Chris Westbury's lab. I then moved to the University of Tuebingen for a postdoc in Harald Baayen's lab. Now I want to bring together everything I know about massively scalable software and human learning and cognition to make something that no one has ever seen before.


+ 25 years

Cognitive Science and AI

Research and Computational Modeling
+ 20 years


Bringing together and managing teams.
+ 30 years

Writing Software

From Apple Basic to R, C++ and Python in the cloud.

Things I happen to know how to do.

Speak various languages

English, Japanese, French, Spanish and a little German.

Apply the scientific method

Build theories, test them by designing and running experiments, analyze the data, make good decisions.

Open Source Projects

Academic Papers

A full list of them is available on Google Scholar. Reprints are also available on this site.

Text Mega-Corpora (Dowloadable)

Various Other Resources

  • My Resume in PDF format.
  • More resources coming soon!
  1. Work


    2018 - Today
  2. CTO, Digital Garage Inc. & Eccosys

    1995 - 2000
  3. Education

    MS, PhD, Psychology, University of Alberta

    2004 - 2012
  4. BS, Brain and Cognitive Science, MIT

    1989 - 1993